As the Friends of Tullygally we would like to start by thanking each parent and pupil for all continuing support.

We are a small fundraising group however, over the last few years  with help from all the parents, pupils and staff have managed to provide the school with two new whiteboards.

On average a new whiteboard costs around £3000. As you can appreciate this is a large sum of money for our school to raise.  Our goal is to replace as many whiteboards as we possibly can in order to assure each and every  child  has the best  learning experience.

Each event that we run has been aimed at putting as much money into school funds so we can achieve our goal of £3000 by  end of the school year. This year has been exceptional so far, thank you.

Below is a summary of sums raised to date

Opening balance September £656.07

Christmas fair £1356

Valentine’s Disco £342

Future events

March 15th “Green day”

March 29th Quiz night in Eire Og’s at 7pm

April 17th Easter Bonnets (we will be handing out smartie tubes)

June 6th Fun night (6pm-8pm)