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Accelerated Reader

Information for Parents

As children are returning to school we are hoping to get Accelerated Reader up and running again for all P4-7 pupils.  We have discussed how best to organise this in keeping with current guidelines.


  • Books will only be chosen on a Monday (or the first school day of the week). Each class will have a time slot to go to the AR library and get a book.
  • This book must stay at home until Friday when your child can return it to school and quiz on it.
  • If your child is likely to read more than one book in a week they will be given two on a Monday.
  • If your child is reading a novel they may need to take two weeks to read it. Therefore, they will only return it on the Friday after they finish the book.
  • If your child is reading for 20-30mins per night as recommended they should have no problem finishing a book in 1-2 weeks
  • If your child has books at home that they want to read and then test on in school that is fine too
  • When books are returned to school they must be placed straight into a large box which will be sitting outside the cloakroom doors. This box will then be left over the weekend until Monday when it is emptied and put away.  This is to ensure effective hygiene.

We hope to encourage reading as much as possible and make it as enjoyable as we can.  Thank you for all of your support in this matter J