About Tullygally Primary School

The EA Youth Service has launched its Eat Well Live Well programme for Young people registered with EA Youth Service aged 4-25 years who need to access a 5-day food box providing breakfast & lunch Mon-Fri as part of a safety net to the provision of free school meals during Covid-19.

There are 2 local centres

Drumgor Youth Centre and Taghnevan Youth & Community
Register for support here https://bit.ly/2XUWn4e
Get More information here https://bit.ly/3akfas8

Good afternoon everyone hope you are all keeping well. I am so pleased with all the hard work that has been going into home school learning and the staff appreciate the pictures that you are sending in. It is helping us get through a very surreal situation.

School will now be closed for 2 weeks (Monday 6th April- Friday 17th April) so please take the break and enjoy each other. We will be open again on Monday 20th April. If you require the service of school, please email me(kandrews907@c2kni.net)  in the strictest confidence/ apply through EA website by Friday 17th April so we know which and how many children will be in school Monday 20th April- Friday 1st May.

Please include

  • Your name
  • Your child’s name
  • Which Key Worker category you and, if relevant, your partner falls in to
  • Which day(s) your child will be in school between 20th April to 1st May


DO NOT send your child to school if:

  • He / she is unwell
  • Any member of your family is unwell
  • Any member of your family is in the ‘vulnerable’ category

*If possible, alternative childcare arrangements should be sought* before deciding to send your child to school. Use school as a last resort in order to limit the number of children and adults congregating together; social distancing cannot be guaranteed in a school setting

  •    There will be no breakfast or afternoon club school will be open normal time, 8:50-1:30/2:00/3:00
  •      If your child is attending, he/she must be wearing full school uniform
  • Social distancing and good hygiene are VITAL to preventing the spread of Covid-19. Your child is significantly safer at home than in any other setting.

Best wishes to all of you and your families. We are thinking about all our school community at this time. Please stay safe, stay healthy and we will see you, hopefully, before long.

Yours faithfully,

K Andrews


Short Principal’s Welcome


 Welcome to Tullygally Primary School.

 At Tullygally Primary school we have a very dedicated team of staff, governors and parents who ensure children are valued as individuals and are given every opportunity to achieve their full potential and goals. We are extremely proud of our school and have worked hard to create a caring and nurturing ethos.

We are committed to following our school motto throughout your child’s learning journey:

‘Soaring to excellence with children at the heart’

 We have wonderful children here at Tullygally Primary School and it is a pleasure to get to know each and every one of them not only as a teacher but as a Principal also.

 Please feel free to contact the school if you require any further information or to arrange a visit.

Thank you for visiting

K Andrews (Principal)