Internet Safety

Keeping children safe is the number one aim of all schools and this must include when they leave the school gates. Therefore, eSafety is a core educational theme here in Tullygally PS.

Keeping on top of what our children are doing online can be difficult, but with the increasing popularity of social media and online gaming, it is an important area of their lives that we need to be educated in. 

All children from P1-P7 participate in age appropriate eSafety themed lesson to reduce the risk of them putting themselves in danger online. The children also develop an awareness of who to turn to if they do make a mistake.

REIM Training Solutions are specialist internet safety advisors, and twice per year, they provide training for parents of Tullygally PS and Drumgor PS in how to keep their children safe online. They give, user-friendly, practical tips and measures to ensure children’s safety.

If you would like to view our eSafety Policy Click Here

Digital Technology

As part of the school’s ongoing, proactive approach to ‘Internet Safety’ and the safe use of digital technologies, we would like to take this opportunity to draw parents’/guardians’ attention to the following;

WhatsApp, Snapchat and other Social Media

An increasing number of pupils are indicating that they have access to, or regularly use, social media platforms such as SNAPCHAT and/or FACEBOOK.

We would like to remind parents/guardians that these platforms are ‘AGE RESTRICTED’ and it is the view of the school they SHOULD NEVER be used by any primary school aged pupil.  

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to be fully aware of what their child is doing ‘online.’

The school will not become involved in situations where pupils behave inappropriately on those platforms outside of school.

Should instances of online bullying and abuse be reported to the school by concerned parents, we will advise those parents of how to report the incident to the appropriate authorities.

It is up to you to keep your child safe from internet bullying and to ensure that they are not engaging in bullying behaviour while at home.


We suggest to use the following 5 measures to ensure that you can monitor your child’s mobile phone to ensure their safety….

  • If you have permitted your child to have a mobile phone, agree that you can have access to it whenever you want…Check the phone at least 5 times per week.

  • Make sure you know what apps they are using (age appropriate) and know all their passwords for these apps.

  • Look and monitor the history of their calls, messages, contacts, web-site and pictures.

  • Mobile phone usage before bedtime has a negative effect on children’s sleeping patterns – NO CHILD NEEDS THEIR PHONE IN THEIR BEDROOM AT NIGHT.

  • At all times talk to your child regarding the dangers of social media…. Remember 1 out of 5 children talk to a stranger every day through social media.

As a school, we are not advocating primary school children using social media but if you insist on letting your child avail of it, then these points just might help to keep your child safe and prevent them from making regrettable mistakes online.



We are seeing increasing numbers of children playing games which are totally unsuitable for their age, some as young as P2, and this is having a negative effect on their mental health, their aggression levels and ability to control their emotions. Please see below for the games mentioned and why they have the rating that they do.

Exposing children to the content detailed below will be treated as child protection issue and dealt with appropriately.

–          The entire point of the game is to kill other players and has been linked to a rise in aggressive behavior in children.

–          Players can talk and type whatever they want to each other, and bad language is rampant.

–          Short matches and accessible gameplay make the game addictive.

Players can link with up to 99 players, it is highly likely that most of these will be strangers

–          Realistic shooting game

–          Extreme violence with graphic guts and gore

–          Use of a range of weapons to dismember and kill human enemies

–          Very inappropriate language

Linked to countless high profile cases of childhood aggression and violence

This game glamorises;

–          Gang violence

–          Nudity

–          Sexual violence

–          Drug and alcohol abuse

–          Extremely inappropriate language

Removed from stores across the world due to fears that it was increasing violence against women.