Welcome to Primary 2!

Miss Guiney & Mrs Dynes

Our first day in Primary 2.

Overview of topics this year:

September- October Helping Hands 

November- December Twinkl Twinkle

January- February Sticks and Bricks

March- April Let’s Get Growing

May- June The Lighthouse Keeper Stories

Homework routine

Monday- Spelling sentences, reading/reading activities, mental maths

Tuesday- Numeracy, reading/reading activities, mental maths

Wednesday- Literacy, reading activities, mental maths

Thursday-Spellings and mental maths revision

P.E days are Wednesday and Friday

During these months our topic will be ‘Helping Hands’. We will explore the different parts of our bodies and how we can look after them. We will look at our emergency services and how they help us. Our main story will be ‘At the Hospital’and this will allow us to develop our understanding of the staff and areas within the hospital and how they help us.

Our bodies..

Keep revising over the following areas during September- October!

Spellings & Phonics

1st 50 High Frequency words
Stage 1-2 Linguistic Phonics

Mental Maths

– count forwards/ backwards within 20 in 1’s then in 2’s

– mentally add 1/2 to any number within 20

– mentally subtract 1/2 from any number within 20

– know the number ‘between’, ‘after’ and ‘before’ within 20

Fun in the September sun…

Time flies when we are having fun…..

Show and tell.

28th September

Real life superheroes…

Primary 2 superheroes playing together…

Problem solving- helping Count Dracula pay for his fangs using 1 p and 2p coins. We showed him four different ways of making 6p. Clever work!

Numeracy fun!

Numicon number lines.

Show and tell

19th October

Friday 26th November

Halloween fun day- £1

Children home at 1.00pm

Enjoy your mid-term break!

Thank you to those parents who called into our reading open morning. It was great to see you and for you to help us with our reading activities. We will be having more opening mornings throughout the year if you couldn’t make this one. We hope you enjoy your mid-term break. Stay safe and enjoy your time with each other. Many thanks Miss Guiney and Mrs Dynes.

Show and tell

9th November

During November and December our topic will be ‘Twinkle Twinkle’. We will be learning about day and night and focusing in on nocturnal animals such as owls. Owl Babies will be our focus book for this topic. We will also be developing our knowledge about reindeers and the Artic.