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Mindfulness and Growth Mindset

After, ‘Hi5s  and welcome backs,’ Mr Guy and Mrs Andrews prioritised focusing on developing an awareness of, and exploring mindfulness and how to develop a growth mindset.

Mindfulness is defined as, ‘a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.’

Fixed Mindset Vs Growth Mindset

Those with a fixed mindset see intelligence as being inherent. They are good at some things naturally and see no reason to develop other talents or skills beyond their current abilities.

Those with a growth mindset see intelligence as fluid; something which will increase and flourish through hard work, grit and resilience.

We will be equipping the children with strategies that they can use to relieve life’s stresses and live happy, healthy and successful lives.

The Victorians

Life in Victorian Times is our term one topic and it has lent itself perfectly to connecting the learning between the different subject areas. As you can see from the pictures, the children have created fabulous first person narrative stories linked to our class novel, ‘Street Child,’ and they used the classic coffee staining method to give that aged look and feel. They have used computers and iPads to research information on the topic and present their findings in creative ways. The children have also used a variety of media to create Victorian themed art. Bring on term 1B as we have to add in more ICT and practical science to the topic 🙂

A Victorian Christmas

We had the privilege experiencing a traditional Christmas for rich and poor children at the beautiful Argory, Dungannon.

Amazing crafts and memories were created.

Numeracy Problem Solving

We are continuing to use the, ‘Problem Solving Toolkit,’ to explore a different numeracy problem solving strategy each month. We are also focusing on using the RUCSAC method f(evidenced in images) for tackling unfamiliar  problems.

Also, we will be increasing our usage of the Izak9 numeracy cubes from next term on.


Fun-filled frightful festivities had by all 🙂

Inspire Me Day at Jordanstown University and the Follow Up Small Steps Programme

The children participated in an, ‘Inspire Me Day,’ in Jordanstown University, Belfast.

The aims of the day were to learn about life in university and develop a deeper understanding of what contributes to a healthy body and a healthy mind.

The children have started their in-school workshops.


The children participated in an, ‘E-Safety,’ workshop which was delivered by the fabulous Eleanor from REIM Training Solutions. The workshop was honest and practical, developing the children’s skills to make the right choices and stay safe online.

We have further enhanced this learning in class by exploring the theme of ‘Permission,’ during Internet Safety Week. We discussed statements around the area of seeking and giving permission online.

Shared Education

We teamed up with our friends from Drumgor PS and we had three full days together. Each day had a theme;

Day 1: Healthy Body – vital organs, ways to achieve a healthy body, fitness session.

Day 2: Healthy Mind – mindfulness, ways to practise mindfulness, yoga session.

Day 3: Healthy Community – workshops with conservation experts, planning our areas to be regenerated.

We have plans to team up again before school’s out; watch this space!