Welcome to Primary 6!

Ancient Greece Olympics Day!

Today P6 had their first annual Ancient Greek Olympics day!  We split into 6 Greek City States and competed against each other in a number of different events!  We had a go at a 200m and 400m sprint, long jump, hurdles, chariot racing and javlin!  We also got to sample a range of greek foods.

Shared Education

Over the past 6 weeks we have been taking part in Shared Education sessions with Drumgor Primary School.  These sessions have focused on cultural sports, including Gaelic, Rugby, Taekwon Do and Chai Me.  They children have enjoyed making new friends and learning new skills!

Important Information

  • PE is every Tuesday – Please ensure your child has their full PE kit with them
  • Swimming is on a Wednesday – Please ensure all girls have a swimming cap
  • All children should read their Accelerated Reader book every night for 20 minutes
  • Mathletics should be used every night for 20 minutes, based on the area covered in class that day

Burns Soccer School

Every Friday Alex from Burns Soccer school is visiting the P6 class to talk about our similarities and differences.  We are learning about our identity and what makes us all unique.